March 28, 2015

Game Master
Mugai - delgado
Alar Halcyia Gretchen di Raziel (She's.... *sigh*....)
Garen (Warrior & psion)
Bluttrausch ()


Need help recovering an artifact

Plot Synopsis

The employer sent them party to find the final piece of the puzzle with the clue of “I am found where there is blood loss will soon follow, what is war good for?” This put party into a country that had become war torn as an old head guard torrite had gone rogue and was now at war with those he was once protecting. This setting is similar to ww2 when Brittan was being bombed. Party spent the first half of the mission getting bombed and finding out where a gauntlet was. They eventually discovered that the dictator of the other nation has the artifact they want. Party joins the alpha team(torite, warrior, air mage, fire mage, earth mage) to take out the dictator. They manage to do research and find out that the gauntlet helps save and then corrupt the wielder of it. When party storms in they manage to remove the mind effect on the boss, having him remove the gauntlet. They then have a peaceful surrender and retrieve the item for the employer. Completing the missions for collecting the artifacts. Pay 26k from both the employer and the war effort. Mugui also bought 4000 silver worth of cupcakes and honey. Eeps were 2750

Noteworthy Postgame Events