March 24, 2015

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Zane Grote
Tylan (You will never see me coming! )
Jay (Mentally unstable cosplayer. Technologically advanced.)
Tim (Genius, magical researcher, and the closest thing to a doctor in this backwards plane)
Eve Reaper (I'll make your wildest dreams come true for the small price of your soul)


Help needed to replace people in positions of power with people that are more responsible.

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers arrive and mess around in front of the employers mansion. Luckily for the adventurers, nobody called it in to the police... Thanks Nox. The adventurers met the employer, Luna and the Incarnations gathered at the meeting as well as the angel Gabriel and the replacements for the incarnations who are not doing their work properly. They are told the plan to get the incarnation of evil replaced by luring him out with a mock fight then distracting the demons while he kills the incarnation and takes his place. The adventures manage to keep Natasha alive while he kills the incarnation. The adventurers go back to Luna's manor after it is down and witness the incarnations vote out God and replace god with Orlene.

Noteworthy Postgame Events