April 02, 2014

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Dan Weller
Arc ()
Jinx (Mishrite down to that deep, explosive core.)
Justice bard
others that went on this game, i lost the signup s


Need adventurers to retrieve an artifact for me.

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers were told to meet at a bar, the rusty dagger. Three people showed up an hour early and basically broadcasted they were adventurers. The bartender poisoned one of them with a paralysis potion, and one of the others insisted that he take care of him upstaris, while the bard stayed and drank more. A warrior snuck up behind the bard and bludgeoned him so he was out for a few hours, and a rogue-nomad sleep bombarded the one who brought arc upstairs. the 3 were then tied up and brought downstairs. future adventurers showed up one at a time, and looked relatively normal to people, so nobody got taken out. when it came time to the posting, a man broke in through the front door, shanked the barkeep and yelled "adventurers run, they have the place surrounded". The isisite in the party grabbed the almost dead barkeep and brought him straight to the isisite temple. the rest of party ran out as people drew weapons and came after them. They got to a safe hideout, where the employer, Lee, told them that those people were here to stop the mission. The mission was to go back in time, and kill a child who was destined to save a city, who would have prevented this artifact from being created. They then decide to go back and save the 3 kidnapped people quickly, (which destroys most of the bar) and they run back to the safe zone. A man then shows up in a blue phone-box, and asks if they are ready to go back in time. They go back in time, and find the child relatively easily. one of the lower rates immediately draws his sword in the middle of this village, next to the isisite, and tries to kill the kid, but only does 5 damage. The isisite grabs the kid and sprints back to the time machine (yes, its a tardis, lol). and defends him. instead of killing the kid they go back to Lee, and he says that while the kid being out of his timeline still causes the weapon to exist, but theres the chance another adventuring party tries to bring the kid back, which messes stuff up. They end up wiping the kids memory, and alter forming him so he cant be recognized. They then have the new kid live with the isistes to be a healer, and go to the future. In the future, they did a LOT of random stuff i dont want to account for here, but it was dumb and wont affect much. like making it rain men. but they got the gauntlet artifact from a death robot factory, and brought it back to the empoyer, got paid 15K silver, and mission done.

Noteworthy Postgame Events