March 21, 2015

Game Master
Jessica Keefer
Dante (Connoisseur of all things deadly)
Virgil (The last true priest of Anubis)
Talvia Dureen


Adventurers wanted to stop a demon from being summoned

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers were met by Zachariah who told them what the mission was, namely to stop an unknown demon from being summoned by a witch or witches. He then poofed them into a crime scene in fbi gear. The crime scene was of a man who had swallowed 4 razor blades hidden in pieces of candy. When they arrived they ran into Sam and Dean who were surprised to see them. In a moment of surprise Dean gave Dante and Virgil the code names Vante and Dirgil. Vante and Dirgil investigated the scene as best they could before leaving to grab their gear and meet up with Sam and Dean at their hotel later. When they later met up at the hotel Sam revealed he had found a hex bag hidden behind the stove at the crime scene. He explained that a hex bag was a creation of a witch that would injure or kill the intended victim when they entered the area in which it was placed. The adventurers spent the rest of the day doing research or drinking. Before passing out Dean told Anna she was sexy and tat he didn't like her. Through their research Sam and Virgil were able to figure out that there would be three killings over three days in order to summon the demon Samhain. The next morning they woke up to find that their had been another killing early in the morning. A girl bobbing for apples at a party had drowned and her face was covered with burns. The party split up with some going to watch the first victim's house some going to check out the new crime scene and the rest going to visit the local insane asylums. The group at the first victims house didn't see anything except for the babysitter coming to watch the victim's kid. The group at the insane asylum found an old psychic and brought him back to the hotel. The group at the new crime scene interview witnesses. When they met up again they found out that one of the girls at the party was the first victim's babysitter. They did some more research and found she went to the local high school. They split up again with half going to her apartment and half going to the school. At her apartment they found drawings of rituals and some unfinished hex bags. At the school they found the art teacher who had been attacked by the girl. They asked to speak with him alone and he agreed leading them to an empty classroom. After he made an attempt to dominate him he teleported away. After several more teleports and follow teleports by the party they arrived at his house where they heard him in the basement. When they went down they found a summoning circle and some chains hanging from the ceiling. Another follow teleport later they were in a parking garage with a car just pulling away rapidly. They followed and stopped it to find the previous art teacher driving having been dominated. They split up to search the area and Sam was able to track the fleeing witch to a hotel. The party went to the hotel they checked at the front desk to get a room number and went there. They opened the door to find the teacher with a knife to the babysitters throat and a ritualistic cup in his hand. Virgil freeze bodied the teacher and Talvia bit him. Other party members threw dust at them. The girl attempted to telekinesis some blood into the cup but was blinded by the dust. The party subdued both of them and took their souls. They went back to the hotel with Sam and Dean to wait out the rest of the day. They succeeded and were rewarded by Zach.

Noteworthy Postgame Events