March 07, 2015

Game Master
Dmitri Luper
Ty Lee (Martial artist, hates all casting.)
Tim (Genius, magical researcher, and the closest thing to a doctor in this backwards plane)
Slyph (Probably already stealing from you.)
Hooded man (The First Blood Mage)
Garen (Warrior & psion)


Adventurers wanted to secure tickets for the Hell's Express. Pay will be comporable

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers were invited to meet in the library foyer. Upon arrival, party was sent to the cleaning building in the library. Along the way an angel appeared to one adventurer but no combat ensued. The adventurers were debriefed by Dantalian. They were informed that in 4 months time the hell train would be taking off. Adventurers were given 3 months to train and accumulate to the tower. After 3 months of training they were teleported into the library and shenanigans ensued. The adventurers were then given tickets to board an initial train to take them to the Hell's Express Station. Before party left, Viole reverse pickpocketed a phone into Deadpools pocket. While on the train party was situated in the D4 cell based on gm grid system (roughly car 45 and 47). They spend the next 6 days procuring tickets through various methods, most of which is killing. They recieved 5 tickets on the train. Once they arrived at the station, they went to the room designated previously. While in the room, party was notified about a tournament in 1 day with a grand prize of 7 tickets. The party waited one day until the tourney and entered in the competition. The first challenge was a rugby like event. Placing 4 players, the party made quick work of the first event. After the event was over the competition idiotically informed party that the competition didnt matter because they were stealing the tickets and the train followed immediately by 2 of the three members warping away. The party captured and interrogated the remaining member learning the location of the two that ported away. Ty lee then proceeded to Ty Lee the elevator door open and party proceeded down the shaft. The made it to the entrance room around the time that the enemy was leaving the room. In a panic, Ha Yura, a famous idol and head of the opposition, activated the trains guardian and tried to run. Despite their best efforts party stopped them immediately, saving a Miseng. The myrotic guardian proceeded to attack both parties making no differentiation between friend and foe. Ha Yura received critical wounds and was incapacitated. Ty Lee suffered a similar fate, having a hole opened in her chest. In her dying moments, Ty Lee DI'd to Viole and while not a god he still appeared to save the child with Ty Lee. Viole took considerable damage from the blast but Garen complete healed him. Viole proceeded to do battle with the myrotic guardian giving party enough time to escape. After escaping, party headed back to the Library to receive payment.

Noteworthy Postgame Events