March 08, 2015

Game Master
Alar Halcyia Gretchen di Raziel (She's.... *sigh*....)
Jinx (Mishrite down to that deep, explosive core.)
Shaela (heals and luck for everyone)
duotoss (the polar fighter, Reaver's executioner, specializing in handguns, whips and swords.)


The stranger needs people to solve issues of the people near Varrock and Lumbridge.

Plot Synopsis

Everyone met in front of reavers castle again. The stranger appeared again and Shaela died due to his divine aura. As an apology he rezed her. He instructed people to go meet the orcs up north, they will have the mission.

The orcs had armor stolen from them and told the adventurers to go get them back. They went to see a priest of avo and tried to find who stole the armor. They then had to fight necromancers. Sheala almost died, but luckily everyone was able to defeat them in time. They found a journal describing where the armor is.

they brought the armor back to the orcs. and was paid 5k Silver.

Jinx then blew up the side of a mountain covering their encampment in snow. Which they rebuilt 50 to the left.

1 item was given out, Shaela won it.

5000 eeps Tier 1 (testing out the whole tier thing)

Noteworthy Postgame Events