March 05, 2015

Game Master
Shana (Shana failed to care about her description)
Charon (An Elf Psion with a rifle. Pronounced Car*on.)
Elin Degenrate


A stranger wants adventurers to become familiar with this plane before an impending disaster.

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers showed up in front of reavers castle and were almost killed because an avatar of a god appeared in front of them but forgot about his aura. He told the adventurers that a dwarf on the other side of a mountain would have a mission for them.

The climbed the mountain and fought wolves. Chaos magic was cast and cause an internal party conflict that Charon had to DI for. He DI'd to Ra and was saved by him. Shana, the chaos mage who chaosed her way into a hirudo spell, took an irreducible sun strike.

The got the mission to win a fishing trophy from the dwarf. Abe ended up winning while having the biggest catch. The winning wish was a nice big Thunder Trout.

The Fisherman ref was so disgusted by everyones ability to fish that he offered to train people in fishing allowing them to but at base cost. Everyone but Tsoi accepted the offered.

5000 Eeps

Tier 1 Game. (testing out the whole tier system to see how that goes.

Noteworthy Postgame Events