November 15, 2003

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver
Fred (He hates everything!)


Skillful and adaptive adventurers needed for a raid. Travel required. Pay dependent on success. Meet at Accelor Shots in Centrailia.

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers arrive when they can and are informed that Maeron wants the pirates that have been hitting the trading lanes several days off of Prall stopped. He will supply the ship and they are paid in what ever they capture.

It takes them about a week to have any luck tracking down these pirates. They found an island that might have been their base at some point, but it had not been used in at least several days. This island contained a knoll, which they took particular interest in. Finding nothing they continue to check the other islands in the area, which turn up nothing as well. They head back to the island that has some clues to find several lizards moving crates. They run but are subdued by Fred. They are questioned under divine word, which proved to be a long and painful experience. They did not speak Paroli, so only Fred could ask questions. While this is going on a ship is spotted off on the horizon, several thousand feet away. Kimberly and Kalag make a flying attempt there, while Fred swims. Kalag doesn't wish to be seen so he stays close to the water. Kimberly wants to give herself enough time falling to recast fly, so she angles upwards. This makes her a prime target for several lightening bolts. After sustaining damage she decides traveling near the water is a much better idea.

Fred is the first to reach the enemy boat. He catches several other lizards under water moving things around. He subdues two of them. He then proceeds up the side of the boat. Kalag lands on the boat and divine words the people there, not realizing that the non-humans don't speak Paroli. Several other unidentified spells are cast, but Fred quickly subdues the crew, once he gets on board. Kimberly arrives promptly after combat. The rest of the party that is arriving by ship approaches a few minutes later. They find that the pirates are keeping the perishable goods on the near by island to stock their ships, while the rest of the goods are kept in a sunken ship below. Fred is enmassed and he proceeds to bring the goods from the sunken ship to the surface. They then head back to Prall. The goods found are sold off, and each gets their share.

Noteworthy Postgame Events