March 07, 2015

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Preston Wiley
Daran Tomahna (Creator of the Magic Mutate)
Bluttrausch (Orich Marine; is in no way a leader of a were panther army)
Berwyn Beardclan (Sword master and professional drinker.)
Mayor Quin


Adventurers, please come to Gendle to get rid of evil Onviero. Meet Bruce. [Address Provided.]

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers arrive at Bruce's home and he tells them that the Onivero are scheduled to come into town to discuss trade with the mayor in two days. He "knows" that all Onivero are evil and that this is probably a setup for an evil plot of theirs and he, and Gendle, shouldn't have anything to do with it. He has pleaded with the mayor, but he won't listen and he wants the adventurers to scare the Onivero away so that this trade talk doesn't happen. He says he will pay them with some of his old magical adventuring items.

The party investigates and pretty much determines that Bruce is a crackpot and is probably being overly paranoid. They talk to the mayor and various people in town. Eventually they go back to Bruce to make sure he isn't captivated and Bruce (unknown by the party) decides he better get a back up plan in case they fail.

The party launches a global propaganda campaign and a large protest turns out when the Onivero arrive. This doesn't seen to be deterring the Onivero until a fireball erupts from the crowd targeting the town guard. Then the onivero ship. Berwyn trys to go after this mage would is in the crowd and the mage fireballs himself and the crowd, killing dozens of people. He tries to escape, but his escape items is simply an item of Pocket, which makes him disappear for one minute. When he comes back, he a killed.

Virgil tries to make a deal with the Isis temple in Centralia and it seems that were forewarned by their god or something that an event like this would occur (a 100 on percentiles).

The party is paid by Bruce because they ultimately succeeded at their mission.

Noteworthy Postgame Events