March 08, 2015

Game Master
Cal 'The Jackal' Tepiv (If it is your time to die, that you shall. If you need assistance please feel free to attack.)
hahn ke
Seph Tu Kan (Come to the Golden Dice Casino and Ra Temple on the Hill)


I have found the plain of another relic. need help finding and retrieving it.

Plot Synopsis

"where the sleeping rest i can be found"
- adventurers were hired out of the mages guild to go retrieve a relic. Anyone arriving early received a free lunch.
-after stocking up on lots of water and proper clothing. they departed for the long trek through the sand. resting at an oasis after the first day.
- the party got caught in a sand storm on the second day and made it to town where they stayed at the inn. where they met a couple of teenagers. after some drinking the teenagers showed them where a secret room was.
- the temple had a series of traps and buttons to push to open up trap doors and such.
- they found a hidden door that contained 2 wraiths which gave them the eye as a prize
- after a maniquin puzzle and door stuff they found a giant room with 2 war beatles. these war beatles heal 18 archers a piece. After a battle they looted the archers obsidian arrows.
- continuing deeper they fought 2 scarlet wardens and decided it was time to rest.
- as they progressed though avoiding a falling rock trap and a series of telaporter rooms they used their orbs of effect daytime to charge a large sun that opened the door to another room.
- continuing their exploration they found a room that most could not enter out of fear.
- 4 party members continued into the room and after multiple warnings not to they touched a door with an ornate raw symbol above it. this immediately triggered 2 sunstrikes to go off on the Micheal who could not resist touching the door of one of the dead ra's. immediately combat broke out as those 4 members had to fight 4 ra versions of a rieg who had true immunity to sunlight.. hiei almost died due to 2 sunstrikes and was saved by cal. after a series of more sun strikes because they realized they could not claw the raite who was trying to enter the crypt. after about 9 to 12 sunstrikes the raite managed to make it out with an ornate staff that went to party loot.
- continuing though they managed to find the relic they were looking for and a strange coin. They completely resealed the temple after leaving.
- the employer paid the party 7000 silver for providing him with the momories and information about where they went.
3k eeps were given out and party loot was rolled for.

Noteworthy Postgame Events