February 28, 2015

Game Master
Sean Strantz
Typhoon Direclaw (Tiger Psychic Warrior)
Virgil (The last true priest of Anubis)


Adventurers needed to retrieve an artifact. Priests of Tor be warned.

Plot Synopsis

The party walked for 2 days up the side of a mountain to arrive at an ancient monastery full of monks. The party explored the grounds looking for a hidden door. The found it as the monastery came under attack from "evil" Ignoring the danger above the party headed down into the tunnels below. After encountering some traps the partly made it to the room that held the artifact they were looking for. They fought some reanimated mommies and secured the item for the most part. The party went back to Jearn with one of the monks with the item and ere payed.

5 items given SCS361-365, and AUC041ALT was given out again. (the bow had been claimed by the temple of Tor long ago.)
Hooded Man was attuned and recieved no item

Noteworthy Postgame Events