November 08, 2003

Game Master
Preston Wiley
Samus (Can lift heavy luggage in a single round!!)
The Divine Servant of Ra


The solarium is seeking people to aid in a holy quest. Meet at the solarium at exactly Noon.

Plot Synopsis

People show up at noon and are greeted the a Raite named Phil. He says that major chaos has been detected north of Rougtero and he wishes them to find and eliminate the source of this chaos. The being of order, which the party later names George, is to go along with them and assist.

A few of the party members take a peek above the trees and notice some dark black smoke above the trees in the direction they are headed. The party ventures north for about a half a day and get intercepted by bandits hiding in trees. Kimberly gets hit by many arrows, but lives, while most of the bandits are killed.

Upon resting, Samus ventures toward where the smoke was and finds and small crater surronded by black burnt material. The party wakes up in the morning and ventures there and find the same thing.

George says the source of chaos has moved and points them in the new direction. Eventually, they find what appears to be a ceremony with eight people chanting in a circle and a strange ball of light in the middle. People cast some spells to interrupt the ceremony, lightning bolt and a shoot with a bow.

The people in the cermony scatter behind trees. Combat begins and eventually there is a big flash of light from the center of the circle and a 10' demon appears and he looks angry. One of the ritual guys seems to turn shady and disappears into a tree. The demon trys to eat Dom's head, but Dom is too difficult to grab. Dom jumps on the demon's back and the demon slams him onto a tree. The demon then grabs George and starts chewing on his head. George then Sun Strikes the demon and the demon tosses him away. Many, many lightning bolts are thrown and eventually the demon goes down. Pastor Tonsils gathers some interesting parts from the demon remains and the party returns to the Solarium and get paid for their services.

Noteworthy Postgame Events