January 22, 2015

Game Master
Jinx (Mishrite down to that deep, explosive core.)
Shaela (heals and luck for everyone)
Quinn (Angel chick with wings and insane bow skill)


Find The Blacksmith

Plot Synopsis

The adventures passed the test allowing them to get into the city. They avoided the guards and were able to find out where the Blacksmith was being kept hostage. They ended up talking The villain out of keeping the blacksmith hostage by making a bet. The villain (Deathstroke) won the bet but found it so funny on how he won that he let them take the blacksmith back to graham. He stole 70,000 silver from AdT.

Fedor and Harry Received a pistol thats a d8 +1 Ice damage automatic pistol.
Zanes adventurer got the Fork in the Road
Dan and Priest received a necklace of disguise.
Everyone else received a spike demon body that was turned into armor.

Everyone also received 3 gems of damage

2802 Eeps

Noteworthy Postgame Events