November 01, 2003

Game Master
Mark Hulsman
Sotara (My sword talks to me...I swear it!!!)
Scrikzo Del Nuldo
Sten (I like cheese! Want a hat?)


LARP: People wanted to exploit their material desires by participating in a grand competion. High risk and higher rewards. The weak of will need not apply. Meet at Lord Simson Shadeslayn's in Centralia at 6 PM

Plot Synopsis


The game started with the characters showing up to the mansion and being greeted by the Great Molinko (Preston), or Argen. They then proceeded to have dinner with some other minor nobles invited to the party (other actors). The other nobles left about 10 minutes earloer than the characters who were then informed what they were there to do. They were told to go out and collect 3 flags, each flag was labled A or B and each group had to collect all 3 with their letter, the first group to finish wins. The geezers were told to look for their first in the engineering mall. The newbies were told to look in front of the CS building. The characters were then told that they may want to hurry since another group left 20 minutes before instead of eating dinner.

The groups quickly left and headed to their respective areas, except for Scritzo who followed the newbies instead of his group. The Geezers arrived at the engineering fountain and had Thompson and Sameus scout out the area invisible. A few minutes later the group was ambushed by 1 priest of Zepherin (Josh), 1 Fire Mage (Kat), 1 Marine (India), and 2 thugs (Charles and Preston). Charles charged straight in attacking Onth and Sten who were standing by the fountain since they were the onyl visible characters and battle comenced. Charles was the onyl actor visible at this time since the rest were still spread out and fighting.

Combat ensued with fireballs being tossed on both sides, frequently hitting their own side as much as the other. Onth was the first party member to go down, getting killed after a fireball and a few attacks. The priest of Zepherin paralyzed Sten soon after Sten took down Charles.

Thompson then invisibly came up behind the priest and strangled him to death witha magic garrot wire. Preston kept up a barrage of arrows through the battle while Sameus duked it out with the firemage on the side. Eventually the battle ended temporarily after Charles was knocked out and the marine ran away after the priest was killed off. On the party's side, Onth was dead and Sten was paralysed. Thompson ran and hid being very wounded and Sameus flew away having been Stray Thoughted to think that there were free doughnuts and whores back toward Stewart Center.

There was a 2 minute pause while Sameus flew away and Sten's paralyse ran out. The two remaining actors, Preston and the Fire Mage gathered over the bodies by the fountain, but did not do anything to the paralysed Sten. Eventually Sameus realised his error and started flying back and Sten's paralyse ran out. Sten got up and resumed combat while Sameus was about 4 rounds away and Thompson prepared to shoot from cover. Thompson shot the unconcious Charles, finishing him off. The Fire Mage came close to killing Sten before running away out of units. Sameus finished her off with a fireball accidently hitting Thompson who had to stress his health to make the save since he was almost dead. Eventually Sten finished off Preston while Thompson ran away and Sameus ran out of units. The battle ended and Thompson came back and they preceeded to loot the bodies.

[Insert Jon's account of the newbies battle here]

They found a note on the priest stating that Talinthas is the key and they should seek him on a certain street corner. The party could not find a flag on any of the bodies so theuy preceeded to search for it. Scritzo showed up while they were searching. After 10 minutes they couldn't find the flag, so Scritzo successfully overloaded for find to figure out where the flag was. They quickly found it underneath a tree.

The party then proceeded to go to the mentioned street corner (In front of Stewart Center and the Undergrad library). They arrived there and found it empty, but soon after Talinthas (Dan) and two guards (Craig and Greg) showed up. Talinthas turned out to be a cranky old bastard dwarven priest of Orus wearing solid red robes. The party argued with him unsuccessfully for 15 minutes before finally agreeing to go get a holy branch of Orus from across campus for him to scratch his ass with.

Scritzo flew over and got the branch and when he returned the old priest asked the party to go get him a drink. Scritzo prompty pissed in a cup and distilled it into alcohol. He then threw it into the priest's face casting audacious and combat ensued. The party eventually subdued both guards and killed Talinthas as he ran away.

Thompson then noticed a flag underneath the bench Talinthas was sitting on and aquired it. Then they realised that they had no clue where to go next and questioned the two guards who had no idea what they were talking about. The party sent Sameus to the Centralia Mages guild to try to get some deffered spells. After quite some time and a failed overload Sameus eventually returned with a deffered Aftertalk and Divine Word. He Aftertalked the corpse and then divine worded Talinthas to answer all his questions truthfully. After careful questioning the party found out the next flag was somewhere in the wooded area between Potter and Brown. They spent about 20 mintues searching and couldn't find any sign of the flag so then Scritzo used most of his last units to overload for Find again, finding out the general direction the flag was in. After searching for another 10 minutes they still couldn't find it so Sten also overloaded for Find to triangulate a little more. He failed his overload and was rendered unconcious for 2 hours. Scritzo woke him up with a deffered Fountain, then Sten stressed his power to get enough units to overload again and succeeded this time. After another 10 minutes of searching the party finally found the last flag which was pretty much completely buried under pine needles due to the earlier rain.

[Insert Jon's account of the Newbies efforts here]

The party returned to mansion and found that they were the first ones back. Argen then talked to each of them individually about their prize and gave it to them and they went home.

XP: Players: 5000
Actors: 10000

Noteworthy Postgame Events