January 24, 2015

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Mark Hulsman
Sinat/Vazgul (Awesome. Awesome to the Max and kind of nomady.)
Trith (Mother of Drakos!)
Bluttrausch ()
Faust di Raziel ()


Black Ivan has taken over and closed the portals leading to Southam.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers had to sail to Southam because the portals were unavailable. They took a small fast ship with a nomad to make it invisible. They were attacked along the way by a 300' floating jellyfish that was carrying a platform with pirates on it.

After they found the pirate ship guarding the portals, they attempted to ambush it with their invisible ship. They failed due to magical wards Black Ivan had put up since he was a master water mage. The party took the boat rather easily, but Black Ivan and his first mate the psionic parrot Mr Flannigan fled via teleportation.

After a long teleport chase where both sides ran out of units to telelport, the party eventually took Black Ivan alive. Mr Flannigan was killed. The party eventually removed Black Ivan from his powerfully mutated humanoid Fajordraco body, but not before he revealed that he had a Clone and Mr Flannigan had a Mind Store in a location that was secret even to him. So the party got a powerful body and a magic ship as loot, but they may have a powerful water mage and psion after them for revenge.

Noteworthy Postgame Events