January 31, 2015

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Preston Wiley
Hanah Hazard (Priestess of both Almar and Orus. She is completely insane and likes it that way.)
Faust di Raziel ()
Garen (Warrior & psion)
Berwyn Beardclan (Sword master and professional drinker.)
Talvia Dureen


Adventurers need to guard a ship sailing from Province Landed. Meeting Guard Captain Bob at the dock at Noon.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers are asked to guard an Onivero cargo ship and has an Air Dragon on it from the dock to an island 2 days away. They have been attacked recently by human ships don't want to have to fight back for political reasons. They also think having adventurers on board might discourage attacks.

After one and a half days of sailing, the ship is attacked by another Onivero Skim boat. The Onivero are very confused because they always know the location of other Onivero due to their collective intelligence. Ultimately the Bad Onivero dominate the Air Dragon and turn it against the Good Onivero. Hannah grabs the attention of the Dragon and gets lightning breathed twice along with a few Onivero that die in the attack. Eventually, the Good Onivero are able to Dominate the Dragon back to their side and send it toward the Bad Onivero's boat. In the meantime, Talvia gets Dominated a ordered to kill Good Onivero. After a few rounds of that, Talvia gets sent forward in time by Faust, eliminated her from combat for the time being. Garen moves to the Bad Onivero ship and picks it up (using an item that gives it zero gravity) and carries it up 1000' feet. The Bad Onivero target Garen with a few spells which hurt him some and he drops the ship and leaves. The Bad Onivero teleport themselves and the ship to the water to avoid damage. After sensing defeat, the Bad Onivero teleport away.

The Onivero are saddened by their dead and bury them at sea. The ship arrives at its destination a half day later. The Onivero thank them and offer them a psi-drug they have modified (at great cost) to function on humanoids. Each character receives a single dose and 5,000 silver.

Noteworthy Postgame Events