January 25, 2015

Game Start Date
Game End Date
later that same
Game Master
Dmitri Luper
Dot (Investigator of Oddities and other Strangeness)
Garen (Warrior & psion)
Raziel Blood Dirk (Once you die be mine)
Hooded Man
Selia (Angelic healer, herbalist, and lawfully good peace-maker.)
Ignis Whitediamond (Dwarf Fire Mage)


Instance Dungeon appeared on Evankhell's Floor, Irregulars needed to investigate. -Viole

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers met at either puzzles or collapsed wave function and were updated about the mission. Players met evankhell who offered to pay them for investigating the instance dungeon. Adventurers arrive at dungeon and encounter 8 stone statues (previously petrified people) which were moved to garens portal bag. Next a room weith a skull on the door, this room contained a earth dragon which party chose not to fight. They moved onto the next room which contained a skeleton king who required them to play a convoluted game of chess. The king also liked sandwiched. They nect moved to the dining hall and took a trapped mask off the wall, unleashing a caller in darkness upon them. Party killed it excluding dot and garen who were derping with the magical oven in the kitchen. Party next found a room with lots of water and Shiva who was activated when they light four bowls of oil on fire. She wouldve tried to kill and eat the party but instead was placated by a sandwich... Anyway they proceeded to a control room where they found a back room that had the components for killing a towers god. After this room they moved to the top left corner of the dungeon which contained to pools of water, one demonic and one divine, and a shifting portal. The portal shifted between 5 colors which all led to different places. Blue - tundra; Red - Forest; Green - wasteland; Yellow - divine presence; and black - death. In the tundra area garen and ignis found a giant castle with a naga in it. They played the deck of many things with her and were then teleported back. When teleported back she came with them so that the other adventurers had the chance to play. Raziel due to a card effects had to solo a dread wraith. After this the adventures left and were payed by evankhell.

Noteworthy Postgame Events