November 01, 2003

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Cronk (ya I can lift that)
Mindra Vii (Water Witch. Expert at Changing Magics.)
Jim - The Town Firefighter


There is a warehouse fire.

Plot Synopsis

This was a simple and short adventure where the players helped put out a warehouse fire and save people and property. more importantly they stopped the fire from spreading out of control, [always a bad thing in a town made of wood].

During a storm a lighting bolt strikes a warehouse and sets it a fire, due to high winds the blase is out of control at the onset, and endangering other warehouses as well as ships in the harbor, but the use of water magic, by gideon and mindra vii, and help of cronk and koontz, the blase is contained and put out. people involed make some CONTACTS with the renter of the warehouse[fred] and the local vol, firefighters[jim], no tresure was gained ,'they refused a reward', and 1000 eps were given out to the players,

Noteworthy Postgame Events