November 22, 2014

Game Master
Dmitri Luper
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)


Meet at the Collapsed Wave Function @ 3:00pm

Plot Synopsis

Party met Viole in basement of Collapsed Wave Function. Next brought to empty plane with only a giant oaken door. This door lead to Floor 1 of the tower where Headon-nim met them. Headon-nim informs them that if they are continue moving through the tower you must complete a challenge for him to which the party of course agrees. They are then transported into a maze with the objective of destroying 5 orbs. These orbs were hidden in 5 different trapped rooms: a strength room, a dexterity room, a combat room, a magic room, and a divine room. After destroying these 5 orbs they were taken to a dome room in which a white steel eel resided. After murderhoboing the eel, they are greeted by Viole and have passed the test

Noteworthy Postgame Events