November 22, 2014

Game Master
Jay (Mentally unstable cosplayer. Technologically advanced.)
Selia (Angelic healer, herbalist, and lawfully good peace-maker.)
Quinn (Angel chick with wings and insane bow skill)
Bluttrausch ()
Dax ()
Fred (He hates everything!)
Ashcoffer ()


Help a poor old man regain his youth

Plot Synopsis

Split party. Half of the people destroyed a beacon that a fairly young man was feeding magic into which was sapping the old man (who turned out to be a god) of his power and the other half killed high priests of the three neighboring cities. The god turned out to be evil and started to drain the young man of his power. The old man regained his youth and the young man turned old. The young man also turned out to be a god. The Evil God (Luther) was so amused by Tom's warepanther that he turned himself and every other mortal of this plane into warepanthers. And now the Old God (Graham) is pissed at adventurers for screwing up the world. Also Tom's face is the moon.

2799 Eeps

Noteworthy Postgame Events