October 08, 2005

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Mark Hulsman
Fred (He hates everything!)
Ben's Second Lifer Auger
Tim's Earth Mage


Adventurers wanted to help me hunt a magical beast. Meet at the Stopover Inn.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers met a man at the Stopover Inn who told them he would pay them 1000 silver to help him hunt a Silk Wyrm and he would give them some of its silk too. They asked what that was and he told them it was a large flying snake like creature that grows to 50-70' long and excretes a fire resistant silk. They agreed and when through the portal to Athas in the alley next to the Stopover Inn.
On the other side some guy was sitting in a small booth near the portal and told them that they had to drink a potion to cure them of the plague or they couldn't come through. They all drank it and moved on into the desert. The employer met up with another man who he had sent to scout for Silk Wyrms and he told the party where he had found signs of them.
The party set out for the area he said and walked for about a day. They came upon an overhanging rock which had a spring and a large bush underneath it. This being the first shade, water, nad plant life they had seen all day they decided to stop there for the night. The bush was a Zombie Plant and had some really tasty looking berries growing on it. Fred tried one and discovered that it felt like the berry would have healed him if he was hurt. So he stabbed himself for 6 DP and proceeded to eat 6 berries which healed 1 DP each.
Fred failed one of his WIL checks from the berries and so fell under the plant's control. Tim's character picked some of the berries to see how well they would keep so they could take some healing berries along with them and they went to sleep. In the morning Ben's character failed his contested will roll to control his host and so the host's personality took over and wandered off into the desert. When Fred wakes up he loses a point of INT and convinces every one else to eat some more berries because more have already grown back. After a while the party realises Ben's character is gone but doesn't care to go look for him.
Ben's character encounters a Gaj which is a large cross between a spider and a turtle. The Gaj Dominates him and his host personality fails the check and falls under its control. So he goes back to the party to help the Gaj get them too but the Second Lifer personality manages to retake control and warn the party. The Gaj attacks and drains a few more points of INT from Fred before it dies.
Fred then convinces the rest of the party the berries are too good and nutritious to leave them uneaten so he says they should finish them off before moving on. The party finishes all the berries and everyone except the second lifer falls under the plants control. Now no one wants to leave this plant, not even the employer, so Ben's character thinks something is up. He goes off and hides behind a rock making fire arrows.
He starts attacking the plant with fire arrows and manages to miss half the time even though the plant's DV is 4. The Earth Mage fights back with his best spell, Flame, and Fred starts throwing shoes since his INT is so low. After a while of this Fred is down to his last pair of shoes when the Second Lifer Auger finally finishes off the plant. The party is free of its control and moves on.
A few hours later the party finds a Silk Wyrm and it attacks them. It grapples Fred but he electroshocks it. After a few more rounds of this the party kills the Silk Wyrm and heads back home.

Noteworthy Postgame Events