October 31, 2014

Game Start Date
02 17 10067
Game End Date
02 17 10067
Game Master
Garen (Warrior & psion)
Ty Lee (Martial artist, hates all casting.)
wilhelm (Creator of the Magic Mutate)


Help need to set up a teleporter.

Plot Synopsis

This mission was especial important to zero so he personally accompanied the party to the base via the rail system that had recently been installed. ty lee before she left bought a basic weapon and had the cosmetics changed. after the rail way the party got on some hover bikes and drove to the base after launching themselves through the air and landing on a platform in the sky base.
after infiltrating and stealth they make it to the hanger bay where vile is waiting. vile quickly takes down zero while he is in his mech. after the party takes a beating zero finishes casting and sacrifices himself to save everyone and get vile out of his mech. a combat later and they kill vile and garen takes his cpu. the rest of party repairs zero but he does not revive because his soul processor is missing. (stolen during battle by ?????). They return to x and give him zero and many of party donate there pay to zeroes funeral. also viles jet-pack was donated to zero
pay 15000 silver and 300 eeps

Noteworthy Postgame Events