October 11, 2014

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Zane Grote
Ty Lee (Martial artist, hates all casting.)
Anor (Teenage priest of Ra. Wears glowing full plate made out of sunlight and has shiny, golden scales.)


An assassin has tried to kill you. You follow them to a rift in the plane where other adventurers are looking into a similar occurrence.

Plot Synopsis

They follow the tracks through the rift into Phaze to a village. A party member talks to a villager and learns about adepts. The party continues to follow the footprints to a forest. The werewolves tell them to go to the blue adept and escort them there. The party meets the lady blue. With her information, they go to the red castle which is in ruin from the Blue adept having already attacked. They learn about the amulet magic that the red adept has but don't find her. They follow some directions to a transdimentional bunker. They find the assassins and neutralize them. The red adept that attacked Mcdude face is not there. They then follow a map to a shack. They find and believe they killed the red adept. They try to get the adept revived but the soul is missing. The adventurers got some loot and get to ask the Oracle a question.

Noteworthy Postgame Events