October 04, 2014

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Greg Mowczko
Talvia Dureen
Trith (Mother of Drakos!)
Ty Lee (Martial artist, hates all casting.)


Rescue crew wanted to save citizens meet @2pm rm2 CMG

Plot Synopsis

Trish arrived to the meeting room before the employer showed up was waiting in the room for 15 minutes. A yellow skinned woman with a blue streak across her eyes arrived. She said she was Jana and that she would like to wait for the others and offered food. Talvia was next appearing 15 minutes later followed by McDude with Ty Lee on his shoulder. AdT and Seneca showed up shortly after. Ember arrived on time at 2.

Jana told them that they had a cruise ship that had radioed about engine failure due to an explosion and that there was an issue. The ship was too far away for a rescue needed but they could drop the adventurers from a plane onto the ship. The reason that a repair crew could not be sent was due to the issue that most of the time when people die on their world, for the last 30 years the dead would turn into a zombie and go after the living. Repair crews did not volunteer when that type of situation occurs. They were not sure how many of the 1000 people would be infected as they have good quarantine procedures for safety but they were not in a position to handle that. They were then offered 2000 silver a piece and extra pay for the number of survivors saved. They accepted.

Jana then goes with them to the Alpha site and through portal 1048. On the other side they are met by armed guards who stand down recognizing Jana and they board a small bus. Travel to the airport along which were the ports. They board the plane and got strapped up in chutes and told jump to jump out the back. The static lines would open the parachutes. One of them had to pull their reserve being unlucky but not so unlucky he had listened about that. But they all were perfectly aimed at the ship to land at the top passenger decks near a pool. Talvia, McDude and Ty Lee cut their chutes when they were over the very back and used spells to come to a landing. Trith was flying followed the rest to the party as they landed. Immediately zombies start pouring out of the back of the ship and attack Talvia, McDude and Ty Lee. McDude stunned one and they all started working on clearing out the dead.

On the upper deck the party starts to run towards the back to help. Ember happens to be near the pool when a zombie half bloated starts to attack him and zombies start pouring out the center tower of the ship. Trith pulls out Zim and sends him to look for living people. He heads off through the zombies, who don’t pay attention to him, as he is a ghost. Trith starts shooting at and trying to corpse explode the zombies who seem to resist quite well before she gets them to go. She then starts goes after the ones that had headed over to Ember whose curing field had been slowly reducing the zombies as he floated in the pool out of their reach. The zombies appear to stop at the pool’s edge for some reason. After a while they clear the top deck and join the others who after some struggle were lucky to not get bitten. They find a rec room with 75 or so zombies in it all trying to get to them through the super-strong glass. McDude and Talvia devise a plan to safely take them out. They also find Ember’s field does a good job of taking them out just standing on the other side of the window.

Trith and the rest then follow Zim, who had returned to say he found people. They end up heading to the bridge. On the way they check doors and find survivors. After Trith pulls out her rope she was able to say they were there to rescue them and send them into her portal bag for safety. Eventually they go through a door and are met by guards and recognize the name Jana Snir when they say she sent them. They then work their way through the undead down to the engine room and find the remaining repair crew who were not on duty when the right side of one of the engines blew and fouled up the other engine. Repairs are started. The party then goes through and finds all the zombies. After a few days of repair and sailing the ship reaches the shore. The total people rescued were 640 people. After arrival they are paid 4000 a piece.

2900 eps

Noteworthy Postgame Events