November 04, 2014

Game Master
Quinn (Angel chick with wings and insane bow skill)
Daran Tomahna (Creator of the Magic Mutate)
Ty Lee (Martial artist, hates all casting.)


Need help quelling a storm

Plot Synopsis

The game started off at the rockman cafe with alot of people screwing around with trying to get pink a new smoothie drink. after a lot of screwing around in the rockman cafe they get sent to save the flying city by taking down the airship. after they take a plane to the drop point they rescue some people in a tower, find a upgrade machine that gave some of them an upgraded helmet that ads 1 to the helmet dv. The group that could fly split up and start to explore the ship that has been decorated with human bodies. after destroying the falcons quarters he goes to fight them on the ground. After a couple lucky shots the boss is destroyed and brought back to zero.
This frees the town for people to buy property.
Players had a choice of either a wrist band of cushion or pill of gust
torite mc dude face-cushion
ty lee-cusion

Noteworthy Postgame Events