October 04, 2014

Game Start Date
Game Master
Zane Grote
The Lady Duchess Anna Foamwake (I do so try to look good and be my best)
Others that I can't remember


Adventurers wanted to change fate's plan. Find Mortis on the other side of a portal.

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers find Mortis, death's steed in limo form. He takes them to Nature's domain, turns into a horse, and dives into the ground after letting them out. The adventurers go through Nature's test of patience and respect. Anna, possessing none of those qualities, fails the test for the rest of them causing the death of one of a party member and bringing the test to a premature halt. Nature heals everyone and is clearly angry at the party, particularly Anna for having such a disrespectful streak. Nature mentions that she would teach Anna a lesson if the matter they needed to attend to wasn't important. They are to go to a dragon's cave to get the dragon to another cave. They have trouble waking it up at first but once they do, It goes after the priest of Zepherin, the only edible thing in sight according to the dragon due to being a virgin female. A few people, including her get on the werepanther and make a run for the other cave. Two other people loot the cave, and Anna hides underground. The dragon snaps at the tiger and ends up falling flat on its face which is hilarious and embarrassing. They get to the cave and Mortis is there to get the zepherinite out. The rest of the party with the weretiger camp out behind the cave. The rest of the party comes along and gets the dragon high on weed which the dragon likes. (which eco hippies notice later and use to calm down dragons that they are trying to save.) Anna notices a knight coming to kill the dragon before she leaves but the dragon is now gone. The party meets up at the proper point and mortis takes them to Magician Kaftan's mansion. They explain what happened and he seems rather sad but rewards the party and leads them to a portal to go home.

Noteworthy Postgame Events