September 27, 2014

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Benjamin Powell
Berwyn Beardclan (Sword master and professional drinker.)
Talvia Dureen
Hason Goodrich


Help wanted to kill an imp that has been destroying gods. Meet at the milk bar though portal ### at noon.

Plot Synopsis

The party met a the milk bar where they were informed by Link that they would be killing an Imp (Skull Kid) who had managed to gain the powers of an ancient god called Majora and was using a mix of his and Majoras abilities to kill the many gods that inhabited this world. Once the party entered into combat with the creature they where having a hard time to take down the imp until Link summoned the last of the worlds protectors who managed to use the last powers they had to depower Skull Kid forcing him to flee to another plane where he intended to build up his powers and try again. However the adventurers followed and set about with the job of killing Skull kid which was completed by a demonic cat achieving a grapple crit and rolling a 100 on the grapple crit chart.

Noteworthy Postgame Events