September 25, 2014

Game Master
Garen (Warrior & psion)


Need help stopping a fishy situation

Plot Synopsis

The party met at the rockman cafe at noon were zero briefed them on the need to take down launch octopus. When they returned to the base he game those that could not breath underwater a rebreather. The party was then taken up on a plane where they were given a quick skydiving lesson before jumping to the oil rig below. The party then had to go through a few tunnels and discover the password before swimming out into the ocean. one party member walked across the base of the ocean while others held onto a rope. large metal fish tried to suck people inside them and carry them around. Other party members discover pods that launched them past this zone and over to a lantern fish bot. After a combat they continued walking to the underground bubble dome where they found the antics of launch octopus. stopping him from launching the missiles.
After bringing back a few arms and the cpu the party rolled for the 3 loot items.
Wraith received a gauntlet
edo received a gauntlet
shapla received a pill
git received a gauntlet
Gauntlet is hml012
Pill is HML011
other pay was 5000 silver and eeps was 2800

Noteworthy Postgame Events