October 12, 2003

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Cronk (ya I can lift that)
Samus (Can lift heavy luggage in a single round!!)
Burnhard Brimstone (Priestess of Anubis, Field Mortician out of Rougtero)
Sam Vift


Mage doing research needs adventurers to search a ruin. Meet at lighthouse tavern at noon. As for george or sam vift. Pay about 400 silver.

Plot Synopsis

raz-beri = samus= thompson start out the adventure by showing up early and having a fight in the bathroom. [they wanted to spy on the female raz-beri but she noticed them and threw them out]

samus in his staff has a telepathic arument with raz-beri and thompson and any one with in "hearing" range. then the rest of the party comes in and they have lunch. thier they meet george of the lighthouse and sam the mage /sage which is hiring them.

during this time they are hired and sam makes a blunder in giving them looting rights,

day 1 [5-30-41]
light clouds ,med wind, prepare to leave, people buy things including raz-beri spending 2000 silver to buy a 800 silver steel dagger, and burnhard hides/protects Samus's staff [the one that was made by elemental mastery and says Staff of Power in 4 lang's] at this time samus also buys a slave. a lizard who is paying off drinking dehts,

day 2 [6-1-41]
"jim" [samus slave] obey's master and almost starts a fight with burnhard and raz-beri, 3 hr. travel to sunken travernstown,under 30ft of water/sea. travel in a kursho ,searching underwater for lost lab, meet small jellyfish but do not find the lab that day

day 3 [6-2-41]
search underwater, windy day, 6 of 6 ,storm, do not find lab that day but samus and brunhard use spells to protect the boat form the storm.

day 4 [6-3-41]
search underwater, 4 0f 6 wind, do not find lab

day 5 [6-4-41]
search underwater, do not find lab,

day 6 [6-5-41]
search, not find lab, shark attack ,some fireballs the shark but not before JIM gets hurt, but he gets healed by the Z-priest in the party and a long talking to by his master.

day 7 [6-6-41]
findind building, gas cloud samus searches and finds ruins thompson helps clear site of debris, finds airlock door, [what follows is a discussion of how to enter underground without leting the water in]

day 8 [6-7-41]
entering the underground search,loot and find time stopped people, find failed "deep sleep" nomad, [some what long discussion of how people can save themselves ,from the sea wall breaking and being entombed underwater, by various spells, elemental,divine-gods power cast when they were still alive, and nomad incants] find library, minor magic items, dead people, loot, find research lab, find vault, free people, find rocks [soul catchers spell], free mage that was timestopped by brunhard, out of 89 dead bodies save 8, find priestess of at'ena darklocked, samus fights with minor gargolyel thing in vault, they get the treasure, leave the workshop in place,

day 9 [6-8-41] cont..
lizard slave JIM soul gets eatened by samus, mage sam gets research books and items, buys stuff the others get, divide treasure, books to the Weary Scholar, books to be copied to samus library. [the party find 2000 silver worth of stuff each, mage sam changes that to cash and pays the adventurers off, 12,000 / 6 =2000], also 2 minor magic items 2 ,saff of lamps, given to their repective new owners, just WHO ownens them is in the magic box.

mage fred from blue field by burnhard Ran_del_thornese, male 49 yrs.old com 10, worshipper of At'ena, lover of raz-beri,[ If i live through the WAVE ,i will have wild sex w/a good looking dame]

[10003 seawall breaks to now 10041= 38 years missing]

also old actors george of the lighthouse

new actors:
sam vift, mage researcher and sage, can cast up to otherworld spell if needed:
aleus, cefo on a kurusho:
8 no name sailors:
jhireem, teamster and friend of burnhard's:

people mentioned,elven lord tefelar, old ruler of travenstown, fate unknown.

[gm also finds out that most attack sells will not last 38 years.]
what happens , some books on TERISIUM research gets out, some very finely crafted items may be for sale, items good enough to be made into magic items but magic not put into them yet.

Noteworthy Postgame Events