September 20, 2014

Game Start Date
Game End Date
same day
Game Master
Zane Grote
Los Tiburon


Adventurers wanted by Lord to clean out a cave

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers show up at a minor lord's manor. They proceed to piss off the service staff with all of their scrogg nonsense. The staff continues to try to be nice and suggest that the temple of scrogg (which happens to be just down the street, is not this place. The lord, hearing about this, assigns a guard. The guard catches one attempting to steal but then dismisses it as the adventurer plays it off as using the nice silverware. The scrogg worshipers annoy the guard too. After a long time of waiting for the lord, he shows up and gives them instructions to clean out a cave full of glooples. Some manage to annoy the lord too. They go and manage to kill all the glooples. It was a tough battle but with good tactics, they kill them all. In the process a baby clutter is captured and a sample of acidic goop was collected from an oozle. They return and get rewarded... some slightly better than others. The unnamed minor lord may be moving in the near future... away from any scroggite temple. The lord paid a tidy amount of silver and minor items. Things not written up are 10 doses of 3d6 poison 4d6 R and a custom luchador mask and helm combo where a shark fin sticks through the helmet top. It looks cool.

Noteworthy Postgame Events