September 13, 2014

Game Master
quin (Angel chick with wings and insane bow skill)
Ty Lee (Martial artist, hates all casting.)


Need help diffusing a charged situation

Plot Synopsis

Zero has the party meet at the rockman cafe. a new bar that has started up. downstairs in the meeting room he takes them to a portal back to base. The party has to infiltrate a power plant and take down spark mandrill. the party manages to scale the fence outside before pushing alot of buttons in the security booth outside. After entering the power plant the party explored the 2 story building before chaos was cast. the chaos caused everything to go wrong as the parties life was put into more danger from themselves then the boss. After the boss was defeated a noobie found a button and accidentally blew up the building they were in by detonating the conductor mass. On the train back torite mcdude face and ty lee arrested the chaos mage for endangering the entire party multiple times and the button pusher who has been in trouble for blowing up public property multiple times. Punishment was handled accordingly.
Party members were given the option between two items a amulet of multiple castings of quick per days and a pill that teaches them mini bolt. everyone was given one or the other not both.
Bonus eeps were given for exceptional role playing to the torite and ty lee.

Noteworthy Postgame Events