August 30, 2014

Game Master
Jay (Mentally unstable cosplayer. Technologically advanced.)
Quinn (Angel chick with wings and insane bow skill)


adventurers needed to help stop a maverik uprising

Plot Synopsis

The party enters the portal to a city under attack by robots. after the party fights there way through walkers, tanks and flying demolishers they went looking for parts of humans( that were spotted by the anubisite. the party looted a few buildings picking up mundane things like a stapler and a bonzi tree. when the party got close to the captives they met there employer zero who told them to hunt down whoever was controlling the bots. j sees a mysterious man on top of a building who shot down his missile. the party found and captured the controller finding the locations of the maverick generals for zero.
(side not a noobie blew up a building. posters appear that he is suspected of being a maverick sympathizer.)
pay was in silver and 3000 eeps for exceptional roleplaying

Noteworthy Postgame Events