September 20, 2014

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Dan Weller
no idea
Dr holiday


need adventurers to cleanse a plain

Plot Synopsis

i have no idea which adventurers actually came...

and wow...
summed up,
chaos mage almost party killed by raining black goo on everyone.
adventurers pissed off a god with that.
adventurer newbie proceeded to DI to the god. and made.
newbie told god he dosent like him, and he wants him to go to sleep.
god gets pissy, but no smite.
newbie asks to become a champion of the god.
god smites him.
god sees idiot who destroyed a lot of the world.
god tells him never to chaos again, and one way devotes him to keep an eye on him.
newbie chaos' 5 minutes later, and claims hes the gods champion.
god smites. GG

as for the actual mission, adventurers were needed to resurrect a person who can get rid of a disease spreading around the world. reward was a mutate. Exp 3000

Noteworthy Postgame Events