August 23, 2014

Game Master
Nathan R
Jay (Mentally unstable cosplayer. Technologically advanced.)
Raziel Blood Dirk (Once you die be mine)
Retsu Trigona (You'll remember me)
Tylan (You will never see me coming! )
Quinn (Angel chick with wings and insane bow skill)
Talvia Dureen


Adventurers needed to investigate a plane. Meet Annabell at the Weary scholar.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers met at the weary scholar early, and enjoyed a drink while waiting for the employer to arrive. At the mentioned time, a very obscene old lady came out, and informed them that they have two options. 1) investigate the plane in question for 1000 silver, or 2) capture one of the magical users on another plane, for 1500. They, without question began searching for one of the magical users. When they arrived at the location that had been mentioned by the employer, they saw that the building in question had been attacked. An investigation by Tylan told the adventurers that the wall had been taken out by a shape charge and a battle had ensued inside. Inside they came across a rather small girl, bleeding out from a bullet wound. Tylan's diagnosis skill told him that, while she was alive, she needed assistance quickly. He let her hold a healing item, while he used his first aid to staunch the bleeding. While this was happening, Quinn was scouting, and had found trampled grass leading into the forest, and tire tracks coming to the building, and leaving. Meanwhile, Rhetsu, Jay, and Talvia had been searching the building. Rhetsu had found, and proceeded to break a "creepy talking keyboard", while Jay attempted to salvage the computer in the room. When the blonde girl awoke, it became very clear that we was only able to move her eyes and the fingers on her right hand, which she used to tap angrily. It wasn't long before Jay's translation helmet realized it was Morse code for "YOU BROKE MY KEYBOARD, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO TALK TO YOU." After Jay relayed this, and Rhetsu successfully fixed the keyboard, they began to communicate. She informed the party that this place had been raided, and her friends had been kidnapped. WHen they agreed to help her, she cast what rhetsu identified as a rate burning psionic spell called "Fortell", and told them where they would find her friends. In order to find the directions to that location, Jay got a library card, and used their computers to search a location, which of course, got them tracked by the organization that had kidnapped the girls. THe party then took off on Jay's tron-cycle, which proved to be a bad idea, since most people didn't realize that they couldn't run into the beam behind it. This caused their first contact with the police, as they tried to figured out what was going on. Without taking the time to figure out why they were being stopped, tylan immobilized both cops, and brought more attention to themselves. What was once a plan to save the cops became a kill on sight order, which surprised the cops to a great degree. Talyn began trying to rip out the heart while he was still alive. The cop began praying, and saying goodby to his wife and kids, at which point Tylan decided that they could use him, and offered him his life in exchange for having him drive. THe cop began driving, avoiding the other cops trying to kill him. With Talyn shooting out engine blocks, and Jay and Rhetsu making walls behind them, they were able to make it very quickly until they ran into a swat vehicle. Despite taking out the engine block, the driver was able to slide his car into blocking the middle half of the road. With Jay and Rhetsu helping protect the cop, and some very quick thinking on his part, they were able to make it out. They lost their tail in the boondocks, and at the cops request, Talyn knocked him out, and wrote a letter that would give the cop a valid alibi. Meanwhile quinn had successfully scouted and figured out where the next phase of the mission was happening, and ran a distraction while the guards were silently dispatched. Since none of the other guards got an advanced warning, a very good ambush let them kill the rest of them while they were on break. Unfortunately, one shot was fired, which warned the scientists to evacuate. They were only able to save two of her friends, but this gave them three magic users with which to receive the 1500 reward. They were rewarded with 2800 eeps, for a very professional, and efficient performance.

Noteworthy Postgame Events