August 22, 2014

Game Master
Jason D. Taylor
T'orite McDudeface
Quinn (Angel chick with wings and insane bow skill)
Ashcoffer (the polar fighter, Reaver's executioner, specializing in handguns, whips and swords.)
Carl The Assassin


Help needed to find a missing person. meet my contact through portal XXXX and go into the first building you see at 10 am. (written in 7 major languages)

Plot Synopsis

Jay hired a few adventurers to locate a person that he had lost contact with.

The game started with a few adventurers showing up and messing around in this smaller town before any scientists were awake. Ash transformed in front of the scientists, and was immediately stunned and dragged inside the lab. the other adventures were allowed in after a little while longer to find a completely human ash. From here they were allowed to move ahead and look for Jay.

Jay was located in a small house by the ocean. Upon arriving the adventurers caught up with Jay, and were given a description about what the missing girl looked like. Jay then looked at Ash and told her the duration of the anti-evolution serum she was given.

The adventurers went to the last known area of the person only to find a pretty packed up building, looking as though the owners were closing up shop. It was clearly an animal help facility, giving the adventurers an idea to fake a problem with a pidgey to distract the manager, while ash decided to snoop around the other side of the building.

After the pidgey plan fell out, the T'orite noticed that a few adventurers went missing and drew the atttention of the lost members by shouting. The other party shouted back, which alerted the manager. The manager went back to discover ash had devised the password to the computer and was reading the documents.

The manager was about to push a big red button when ash acted like she had just found a virus. A decent acting check was made and the manager almost believed her, but a explosion was set outside. The button was pressed after hearing the explosion.

Not a round later, Jay's teleport's quirk was heard in the front room. As the party fiddled around trying to solve a problem in the computer room, Jay cast Break thought to figure out and stop the problem. All party and the manager failed, allowing Jay to enter the room and, upon seeing the file ash had found on the computer, drop the spell. The file had the info Jay wanted, and that for some reason he couldnt remember.

This mission was based in the pokemon world, with a few major modifications.

Party was rewarded with a small favor from J and 2750 EPs.

Noteworthy Postgame Events