March 15, 2014

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Zane Grote
Nomos Awesomestrike (True Justice T'orite)
Raziel Blood Dirk (Once you die be mine)
Maxwell Min (Punchy)
Sinat/Vazgul (Awesome. Awesome to the Max and kind of nomady.)
Carl The Assassin


Adventurers wanted to rescue our leader from the headman's block. Meet at the random encounter at noon.

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers arrive to find a small group of rogueish looking people camped out behind the bar. Being mostly torites, they go over to check them out. They state that they are resistance fighters who are fighting against an oppressive government. they talk for a while before the employer gets there late. They talk with the employer about the situation and agree to go on the mission. They go through the portal. Upon surveying the place, they see that the town is horrible. Punchy jumps from roof to roof, destroying them in the process. The party decides to go straight through the city. They fight some guards and destroy a house in the process. The adventurers use the guard armor to avoid attracting attention from another group of guard that they run into later. The adventurers get to the town square to find the headsman about to chop a guy's head off. They stop him, scare the crowd off, and eventually turn the executioner to stone without much of a fight. On their way out, they cause half of the party and most of the guard group to sleep. Most of the group manages to flee and three are left to fight the remaining guards, abandoned. They do so and run out. They get safely back to the bar and receive payment after everyone wakes up. Three guards and the executioner were turned to kraglings. A cool ax and a bunch of armor and weapons were given as loot.

Noteworthy Postgame Events