March 13, 2014

Game Start Date
Game Master
Wesley Powell
P. Orson Wellington III
Jay (Mentally unstable cosplayer. Technologically advanced.)
Garruk (Priest of Osiris)
Garen (Warrior & psion)


I need a Hero.

Plot Synopsis

Our adventure begins with this group of adventurers meeting in a park. The employer indicated that they wanted to meet after midnight in a park through the designated portal. Most of the adventurers decided to arrive six hours early to play in the park. Some of them meditated, some of them considered playing tether-ball, and one had a puppy with exceptional comeliness that all of the children in the park wanted to play with. It got late, and the park eventually emptied out except for the heavily armored adventurers and adorable dog.

At midnight a woman arrived in the park and sat on a bench. She identified herself as the employer and told the group her need. Bandits had burned down her house and stolen a very important plant. They had also taken her family, and if they could be brought back that would be nice. She then directed the adventurers to a sportsman's warehouse where they could buy various clubs or sporting equipment, and next to the store they found a business that could rent out a carriage. They (the adventurers) then formulated a plan to entrap some bandits to attack them. They bought some things from the sporting goods store and rented a carriage. Garruk ran back to the park and punched the tether-ball off the pole, and out of the park. It almost broke a window. He then ran back to the adventurers who by now had rented a carriage from a very sleepy and confused night manager to the carriage place.

It was now about 2am and the adventurers set off to try to find some bandits. After being on the road a little while, the adventurers were approached by bandits and asked to hand over their valuables or their heads would assuredly be put onto pikes. Jay sent a missive to one of the bandits who immediately screamed and defecated on himself because someone was in his head. After a few rounds of combat the bandits were either killed, killed then turned into fallen, or taken into Jay's portal bag to be given a good meal and clean clothes. After Jay fed the hungry bandit, and had heard the bandit's life story Jay was able to ascertain the location of the bandit's hideout.

The adventurers with their new companions headed over to the bandit's hideout. They easily disposed of the centuries outside, and went in the hideout. They found more adventurers in the great hall that they also killed. They then found the cook of the hall who was able to identify the plant for the rescuers and also said that they sometimes kidnapped people, but they never brought them into the hall/cafeteria. They (the adventurers) went upstairs and killed the bandit leader and his mage lieutenants. In the process they unfortunately destroyed the houseplant with a grenade. They found the captured people downstairs in the dungeon and freed them. They rushed the plant to the temple of Isis to be revived and returned it and the kidnapped people to the employer.

Noteworthy Postgame Events