March 09, 2014

Game Start Date
Game Master
Wesley Powell
Maxene Min
Dr. Residence


Future Jaern 2

Plot Synopsis

We begin today with the adventurers discussing business in their usual hangout, The Perfume Shoppe. Today Gaige is out on a job, so we see Delilah, Maxiene, Dr. Residence, and Argy discussing business, specifically how best to get paid for recovering the information that the Boss asked them to obtain, and how to free Arbys before the Boss can have his people remove Arbys eye, and potentially killing him.

A new party member approaches and a confrontation between the Dr. and the new demolition man ensues, with the Dr insisting that the new adventurer, Carson, has a rash on his back. Things escalate, guns are drawn and before anyone can shoot anyone else the Enforcers approach the party and keep the peace. Carson walks away and begins to search for his job for the day, and finds a demolitions expert needed. He accepts the job and meets with the hiring party. Once he locates where the employer is located he approaches, and is ushered in the door. Inside are three Lizards who ask Carson to blow up a municipal building.

Back at the Perfume Shoppe, the adventurers are approached by a man looking for people to test his new invention, the holographic projection array. He has designed technology and software that can perfectly simulate combat, and needs people to test it. The adventurers agree to help him and they set out to The Matrix to test out the combat system.

Carson, by now has scoped out the municipal building and determined the explosive and devices necessary to destroy the building. He needs to acquire some C4. He heads to where he knows his old demolition teacher hangs out to purchase the supplies necessary for the explosion. On the way to find his teacher he is approached by a man looking to test his new invention, the holographic projection array, and agrees to help him test the simulation. Following the man are the other adventurers in the story. They avoid eye contact with each other.

They arrive at The Matrix and the Inventor runs the party through several simulations, and is happy with the results of the testing. He pays the adventurers and they proceed their separate ways.

Carson finds his old teacher. He (the teacher) cannot sell him any C4 but can sell a remote detonation device. They conclude with their business, and Carson goes back to the building. He pays an orphan to take in the package, and once the kid runs back out of the building he hits the switch and demolishes 75% of the structure. He returns to his employers after a few days and is paid.

The news later that evening reports that 9 people died in an explosion at the municipal building, and this is the latest in a series of attacks believed to be orchestrated by the terrorist group, The Oceanic Brotherhood.

Noteworthy Postgame Events