October 08, 2003

Game Master
Bob Richey
Isabella Nightshade
Burnhard Brimstone (Priestess of Anubis, Field Mortician out of Rougtero)
Siilex Alois (This whole being dead thing isn't so bad...pass the ale)


Siilex contacts you...

Plot Synopsis

Previously, Siilex had hired a group of adventurers to capture an offical on Durrin. That mission was a failure, forcing them to retreat after suffering heavy causalties.

Siilex is attempting a second capture mission and hires many of the same people that assissted him the first time. Payment is arranged and the group gets underway. As Siilex goes through the portal he gets a vauge sense that someone on the island to which they are heading intends to kill or capture him. Despite this, they continue onward.

During the trip, the impressions Siilex is recieving become more specific and the location of the person becomes more specific. On the fourth day of travel Siilex realizes that this person is sending a group to intercept them while they are still traveling. At this point, Siilex informs the rest of the group that he has been getting these impressions when on this world. They descide to travel onward, thinking it may be an attempt to scare them away.

On day five Siilex's impression becomes specific enough to tell him they will be intercepted one day out of port, which is that day. They group takes watches, but continues on. Several hours after sunset, the party notices lights off in the distance. The lights are on a ship pacing them about a met away. Isabella begins casting a "Shadow mount" in order for them to make their escape.

While she is casting, the other ship lights up with bright sunshine. This is seen as a very bad thing, Isabella continues to cast. About eight seconds later an explosion rocks their ship. The party survives the Sun Strike, but several magical items were destroyed. Fortunatly for the group, none of the items exploded. They also realize that most of the ship's crew were also killed. In the next round Kalag shouts a Divine Word toward the ship tell them to 'Do nothing,' hurting himself in the process. Isabella succeeds in maintaining her concentration and finishes creating her Shadow Dragon.

When no other activity comes from the enemy ship, Burnhard flys over to see the people onboard standing around looking unhappy. He casts ekblowvago on the ship, angling it to overturn the ship and spill the crew into the water. He flys back to the party and they take the dragon to look for survivors. One person landing face up and on top of some debris which prevented him from drowning. He is captured by the party.

They descide that continuing on at this point would be futile. They begin to fly back toward their portal. The maps of the area were destroyed but they managed to navigate back. On the way the descide that their tactics so far have been insuficient and begin to develop a more agressive strategy toward this world. On the trip back, Isabella Communes with Osiris to find out how someone is broadcasting their intentions toward Siilex. Osiris tells her that Siilex has been cursed, but provided no other information.

The party makes it back to Jearn and are compensated for their efforts and get 2000 experience.

Noteworthy Postgame Events