March 02, 2014

Game Start Date
Game Master
Wesley Powell
Maxene Minn
Dr. Regidence


Future Jaern

Plot Synopsis

Our adventure began with the adventuring troupe trying to select what job they wished to preform. There were three jobs posted at the time, two requesting the acquisition of information and a third asking for help finding a missing person.

The team decided to try to find the missing person.

They asked his friends, got kicked out of a hospital and ascertained that his location is in the middle of gang territory. They also discovered that one of the jobs posted was posted by a gang. Upon investigation they discovered that the gang holding the missing person had posted one of the recover information jobs. In order to gain access to the compound where the gang was posted they accepted the job. They went to the compound to discuss the job and learned that the Boss required the data schematic to a ocular implant. They discovered that the ocular implant was inside the person they were looking for. They realized that the gang wasn't likely to kill the person without being able to remove the implant. They accepted the third job. In the process of leaving Dr. Regidence was recruited into the gang as a temp member.

By now it was late in the evening (and early in the morning). Delilah returned to the original employers and gave them the information on their son. They got paid.

Noteworthy Postgame Events