February 27, 2014

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Dan Weller
Ruric Thar
Ezek (Master of True Justice)
Kyle (Psion)
Nomos Awesomestrike (True Justice T'orite)


Need aventurers to retrieve a gem power core. meet at the drunken Helix at 1030. *Danger/Death possible

Plot Synopsis

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Adventurers met with Angess at the Drunken Helix. after explaining (3 times) what he needed the adventurers to do and making a very generous offer for pay. adventurers set off. After good winds shortened the ship ride by a day they arrived at a small island. They found the giant upside down pyramid Angess described and easily found the way in. inside they only found a upside down miniature pyramid on a pedestal. someone touched it, causing it to flip and the entire pyramid to flip on the outside. party was dropped through the roof into a circular room with 16 doors. after being unable to decide which way was left, party just went through door #1. in room 3, Prath cast a chaos spell that caused a pit to open beneath her, and matt P's character just happened to appear in the hole. in room #2, a pc fell for a trap and died almost instantly. party explores a lot more rooms and finds a healing potion. they throw the dead character in and he revives. party explores a lot more rooms, finding keys that they need. they eventually find a room with tiles that fall into lava. one pc tries to fill a skull with lava and burns his hand off. players bandage his hand and move on, where they have to kill a evil clone of fraydren. players go to the next room, where the torite got cut in half by the scythe spell. players grab his body and go back to the healing room and he is revived. eventually they get all 6 keys and open the passage to the next floor, where they retrieve the power gem. a door opens and they bring the gem back to Angess.

Noteworthy Postgame Events