February 06, 2014

Game Start Date
Game Master
Dan Weller
(actually Every Torite imaginable)
(dragon god form)


Need adventurers to retrieve magical stone

Plot Synopsis

torites showed up on time and got their necessary information for the location of the stone. After they arrived at the cave, a man named paradox greeted them with the stone in hand and made a offer to them. he would pay them well to spy on the hirer and make sure she wasnt evil. the party declined and gave the stone to the hirer. they then informed her that a man wanted them to spy on her. in anger she left without paying the party. party then decided to search her castle to find her. after exploring empty rooms for 2 hours someone found a secret passage to the basement where they fought skeletons. Soon after they started yelling out for Ouroboris to come get them.

Meanwhile Zanes' torite climbed to the top of the castle and found a important relic. after watching it do some strange stuff he attempted to push it on the ground and it floated in the air.

back in the basement, the npc found the players and was about to kill them, when they informed her that they just wanted their pay. she paid them, but not before wesley's torite wandered into a portal. the rest of the party got their pay and were "escorted" out of the castle.

meanwhile inside the portal, wesley found the "Forge of Creation" where magic is still in a primitive state. Inside he told prof paradox what events occured inside the castle. Paradox seemed very worried and led him out of the forge.

Noteworthy Postgame Events