October 05, 2003

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver
Daglon (T'or has returned to his full glory. Those who have avoided His justice will now have it brought to them.)
Fred (He hates everything!)
Marcel from Tria


Skillful and resourceful adventurers needed to prevent an attack. Meet at the Stopover Inn at 2pm. Ask for Marcel.

Plot Synopsis

Marcel, from the town of Tria, needs this group to stop an attack party that is going attack the town of Terranue, the catch is he needs this attack party brought back alive so that they can be sent else where. So the adventurers need to capture the other group or convince them not to proceed with their mission. To do this the group wandered around Terranue in hopes that they would come across the five people they needed to capture. They split up when they reached the town and some of them do manage to catch glances of the attack team. Beso manages to get one into a room and talk to him, while the rest of the group begins attacking. Paul grabs a random woman that had been casting at him after he attacked her drinking bubby, but a priest of Orus casts a spell on him that knocks him out of the sky. During the squabble most of both parties are knocked out, but Beso manages to convince one of the attack team members that their mission has been cancelled. After some quick negotiating the attack is called off, the unconscious people are retrieved and the mission ends in success.

Noteworthy Postgame Events