January 18, 2014

Game Master
Jason D. Taylor
Garruk (Priest of Osiris)
Jimothy (lizard marine )


Adventurers needed to recover an ancient artifact from a temple for study, meet at the Ragged Flagon at (Time illegible).

Plot Synopsis

This game was a dungeon crawl in the world of Minecraft. First, Notch introduced players to the world of Minecraft, giving a brief intro to the world. This mainly consisted of giving the players stone picks, showing them what redstone looked like claiming to pay more for any they could recover, and sending them looking for what he called the "Water temple". He knew a basic direction but nothing else. So the players followed his directions and arrived at the temple, which had two pedestals in front. After some searching, the players recovered 3 orbs needed to open the temple, the one Anna found was kept in secret from the party. Once inside, they found the temple was hardly lit, two stories high with half of a pirates ship wrecked inside. Some of them examined the door, which had 4 colored inserts that were needed to open. The players proceded to search every hallway and every room in order to find these key fragments. Any monsters save a couple of creepers were killed instantly by Anna's Cyberwolf. Many of the rooms were flooded or had many waterfalls inside of them. many of these waterfalls that didnt contain the key fragments had redstone. These key fragments were recovered rather quickly, and all the bonus redstone was found. After opening the door, the players stood in front of the boss guarding a big chest. The "boss" consisted of a rather bulky man and a pirate looking woman, who was the captain. Unfortunately, these two didnt stand for too long and died quickly. After the Lady died, she dropped a key to the chest, and the man dropped his cannon. Inside the chest was the Aqua helmet (magic item JDT001) and the cannon was also a magic item (magic item JDT002). Notch was given the redstone, and paid each adventurer 5000 silver for their amount. He studied the artifact and gave it to the party. He was consulted by Anna to upgrade her new boat, for which she would pay for by turning him into a vampire. 3000 EPs were given for this mission.

Noteworthy Postgame Events