December 07, 2013

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Phillip Forrest
Jimothy (lizard marine )
Daran Tomahna (Creator of the Magic Mutate)
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Preston Wellington III
Jim Bandito


Adventurers wanted! Safety not guaranteed! Meet Jim at the Acre! noon. Ra'ites prefered.

Plot Synopsis

(Pregame town actions:)
Thetgui, knowing about an alternate company of Fallen, traveled to their main base. His arrival prompted the hive mind to send out an all points bulletin for all to return to base. Thetgui arrived simply to asses the situation and tell the hivemind of the upcoming battle and the inclusion of their own to bring about the hive mind's demise. Preston, having heard the all points bulletin, returned just in time to see Thetgui fly back to the Acre. Daran, who heard but ignored the bulletin, stayed in Rotero and subsequently received an invitation back to the Acre. Upon arriving, Preston questioned Thetgui's involvement to be told "He is the new enemy." The day of the game, he received the same invitation as Daran.

At the Acre, the party met, was briefed very shortly on the situation with looting rights given as the reward. When pressed for more of a reward, Jim suggested they ask the original employer, Tod, who could be found at the Devil's Den.

At the Devil's Den, the party met Tod who offered cash in return for clearing the fight pit. (Unbeknownst to Tod, however, was that the fighting pit had already been cleared in an effort to condense the company to the main base.) After asking, but not being answered, about exactly how much money was in the bag of cash, Tanis pressed for even more, noting that there would be high risk of death. Respecting his business sense, Tod agreed to give various magic items he could not use.

Once arriving on the site, the two fallen adventurers infiltrated the base with mixed results: Preston, who had already excused himself from the base, was told to take his defensive post. Daran, who had ignored the original warning, was given a cell, halted several times, and once even Divine Word-ed to "sit down and stop casting."

This left Jimothy and Tanis to take on the dozen kraglings, a dozen fallen, and even a half dozen Orusian fallen. With a simple Divine Word, most of the combatants abandoned the fight to tear down the fort's defensive wall. At this point, a krag appeared from one of buildings, lashing out at Tanis, who was the only party member to continue onward. After a few rounds, the krag was Dominated by Tanis and turned on the remaining fallen. After some questioning, the party decided to kill the krag and loot the fort, returning to Tod and receiving payment.

Noteworthy Postgame Events