October 05, 2003

Game Master
Bob Richey
Siilex Alois (This whole being dead thing isn't so bad...pass the ale)
Eldain (Ask about my new methods of avoiding those troublesome spells!)
Isabella Nightshade


Siilex is hiring people to assist him in capturing an offical of the Hand of Ra on Durin (Happy Bob World).

Plot Synopsis

iilex hires adventurers in Rougtero and they leave for the portal to Durin. A boat picks them up on the other side and they have an uneventful four day sail.

They arrive at port and begin investigating how to find the offical, named George. Thompson goes invisible and tracks George to his home. They formulate a plan to capture him while he is asleep. Many spells are defered in preperation. Thompson and Isabella go to his home at about 2:00 a.m. and break in. They find the room was recently left, a note on the dresser said "Arrived at Solarium --G.B."

The two return to the ship to report what had happened. Thompson used on of his defered 'animal form' on a sailor, turning him into a 6 inch lizard. Another sailor caught the lizard and ran off into town to get help for his shipmate.

The group continues to plan, Thompson and Isabella return to George's home to look for any more clues they might have missed. While they were gone, the party remaining on the ship are informed by the captain that they are being taken into custody by the Hand of Ra for heresy. The group goes on deck to find two swordsmen waiting for them, while four archers stand off to the side, bows ready.

Combat was initiated by Siilex who Halt Timed one group of archers. Combat ensues, the other archer's were Halt Timed while Dylena and Eldain made quick work of the Swordsmen, but taking heavy damage in the process. Unfortunatley for them, there were two fire mages posistioned 100 feet away in the dark. Two fireballs killed Eldain and knocked Dylena unconscious, Siilex retreated below decks.

While Siilex hides, Thompson comes back invisible and Isabella flies in undected. They try to figure out a plan to escape as the mission is considered a failure. After about 20 minutes they descide to make a break for it using a Shadow Draco. While the draco is being cast, a small group of men call for them to surrender. When no response was given full daylight comes to the area and two men appear on the ship. The party quickly subdues them and makes their escape, grabbing their fallen commrades as they go. They quickly realize that they had been Halt Timed, allowing them to be ambushed.

They use the draco to escape. Several spells were cast to figure out how to navigate back to their portal. After about a day, and several shadow mounts, they reach the portal and return to Jearn. Siilex pays the group.

Base experience: 2500 Bonus of 300 exp was given to those who made it through alive.

Note-worthy events

Eldain was taken to the Errection in Centralia and was ressurected though Final Fling, although there was difficulty due to the condition of his soul.

Noteworthy Postgame Events