May 11, 2013

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Greg Mowczko
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Deus Ex


Adventurers wanted to escort supplies. Meet Bobreor Andeporine at The CMG. 12pm 2-23-10064

Plot Synopsis

Tanis arrives very early but goes up to Cal’s to talk about the name posted for the employer due to the last name being the same as Modreor’s. Cal stonewalls and says he seemed like a reasonable dwarf when he had met him a few months earlier when some random magic happened.
Tanis then hangs out in the CMG library and the lobby. He asks about Bobreor and is told that he has meeting room 1a reserved at 11:45. Tanis is hiding in the room’s shadows when Deus Ex shows up.
Bob comes in and is startled by Tanis coming out of the shadows. He explains that he has 2 ships that need escorting from the island Apspernin to the new lands 2 weeks from there. He says that portals are not working in the area the cargo is needed. He offers 100sp per day and 10000 to be divided for hazard pay and it should be 2 weeks at sea.
Bob tells them to go through portal 10 in 4 hours and board one of the ships docked on pier 2.
They show up and board Qubyap and Glotern. Deus Ex goes on the Glotern which is the leading ship. Tanis hands him a compass and casts an Abate Outcome on Deus Ex.
On the 3rd day shortly after sunset the marine in the crows next signals he sees a ship following. After 30 minutes he comes down and says he sees there are actually 2 ships following. Tanis jumps overboard and heads towards the ships. When he gets close he summons and octopod, a yartz and then an elf. He sends the elf to check out the deck. The elf climbs the side of the ship notes 15 people and drops back down to Tanis. Tanis then goes to the rudder and wrecks havoc on it. The crew calls over to the second ship for a a lizard. Slthg’ath is sent to investigate the rudder and Tanis attacks him then summons a shark while stashing the body in his bag. The crew sees blood in the water and the shark. They hit the shark with a few arrows and it heads off.
Tanis heads back to the boats after returning the elf to his sleep. Then he picks Deus Ex up in his bag and takes him to the pirate’s ships. They get in position and Tanis Sunstrikes the back of first boat then the front of the one with the broken rudder. Deus Ex runs up and gets tied up in a melee at the front of the first boat. After a while Tanis gets to the crows nest and decapitates the watchman then casts Divine Word “Climb to the top of the Sails”. Most everyone stops fighting and head up the sails. Tanis grapples a rig runner and throws him into the ocean. Deus Ex has meanwhile gone immaterial and reaches the top of a sail. Tanis casts a Wrath and dives overboard to get out of the effect. The pirates all get blown off the ships and the ships start to sink. Dropping the Divine Word he and Dues Ex head back to the cargo boats. They have another 9 days of ship travel with no further incidents.
Ship safely escorted and Bobreor gives them their pay. Then Tanis and Deus Ex leave.

Noteworthy Postgame Events