March 02, 2013

Game Master
Phillip Forrest
Simjat (The slightly useful auger.)
Raz-El-Dazzel (Don't look at me my brother holds the strings)
Deus Ex
Gunther the Penguin
Finn the Human
Jake the Dog
Princess Bubblegum


Adventurers wanted to assassinate an evil king.

Plot Synopsis

Trith, the now Terrodrako, wanted vengeance on the penguin king, whose armies killed her original body and thwarted the first assassination attempt. In the beginning of the adventure both Tylan and Trith readied the party for the combat that was to come by explaining the known powers of the penguin army.

Split into team distraction (Corrigon, Raz, and Deus) and team sneak (Tylan, Simjat, and Corrigon's servant), the party set off. Immediately they encountered the Ice-Palace, which was now empty except for small tribes of regular penguins. After breaking things, the party found Finn and Jake's home, which was destroyed, and asked them to join in the fight. Too scared to rise up, they told the party of Bubblegum's death and declined. They did, however, tell the party that the penguin king is in the Candy Kingdom.

The ensuing combat made Raz eventually retreat to a portable dimension, Corrigon in defensive stance, and Durie bent. Despite these problems, team distraction still defeated the army of penguins.

Meanwhile, team sneak lived up to their name by invisibly sneaking around the city, though the palace, and into the throne room. They then attacked, immobilized, and double-super-duper-murder-ated the penguin king and took his staff and magic wishing eye as a reward.

Before going back to Jaren, the party looted Finn and Jake's home, left empty by the heroes trying to retain order in the Kingdom. The adventure ended with the resurrection of the Princess and splitting loot.

As a mid-week town action, Trith returned to Ooo to tell Finn he is not the only human. Not knowing her own size and strength, however, she accidentally destroyed the ice palace from the inside and the portal is now covered with heavy, large chunks of ice.

Noteworthy Postgame Events