September 27, 2003

Game Start Date
Game Master
Greg Mowczko
Fred (He hates everything!)
Von Darwin
D'leyna Ciedrith (Mini tank/lawnmower, famous for her omnipresent golf bag o' weapons.)
Cronk (ya I can lift that)
Sten (I like cheese! Want a hat?)
Solen Baraduke


The Sepulchar gets in contact with Fred and asks if he could get some adventurers together for them.

Plot Synopsis

The Sepulchar gets in contact with Fred and asks if he could get some adventurers together for them. Fred then meets some of his fellow adventurers and tells them to meet at the Coff Inn later. Adventurers show up and are met by Solen Baraduke. Solen explains that he is in need of guards to watch over a ceremony. The adventures try to get more out of Solen but he is unwilling to do so until they agree and are away. Solen then offers the party 1000sp for the job. The party accepts and they all go to the docks and get on the Dead Guppy.

The boat travels out and heads to the NorthWest. The weather is very calm. On the second day out they encounter some Flugofisos fly high above them. Two of which come down to eat. Von Darwin tries to communicate with them there is no food but another party member shoots one. Annoyed the Flugofiso decends and paralyzes some of the party and crew. A few fireballs get tossed and the 2 close ones die (one landing on most of the ship). The others scatter. The rest of the voyage is uneventful.

The party arrives at the island where some had been before. On the slope of the hill though is a huge sarcophogus with the cover resembling Anubis. The priests and party disembark and head onto the island. Solen tells the party to not enter the henge at the top where they are holding their ceremony. The party then checks out the small island and find that the sarcophogus is made up of corpses, skeletons and wood.

The priest set up their ceremony and then begin. The party just keeps an eye out. Von smells there are others around on the island and sees something is in a hole underneath the sarcophogus near D'leyna. Von starts trying to get D'leyna to remove her cloths but whispers that he smells 3 people. D'leyna backs away and Von lets out a few subvocal Pain Wails and tosses a fireball in the hole. 3 warriors scramble out and start fighting Von. D'leyna rushes back and joins in avoiding falling off the cliffside with Von's help. Fred rushes up while Sten looks around for more. Two more people pop up over the edge and send a lightning bolt at Sten and he bobbles them in a Timestop. Thompson then gets involved with 2 more up at the peak and after kicking one over the edge grabs another and jumps off with him. During the fall the grapple gets broken and another person flys up to catch him with the previously tossed combatant. Some more fighting ensues and Cronk freezes some. Von almost gets his skull split and the attackers are all killed but one who escaped off the cliff.

Shortly after the fighting ends various parts of the henge start to glow and the sky turns dark. Lightning then comes down from the sky striking the henge and then into the Jackle headed staff the center priest is holding. A blast of energy then shoots out to the sarcophogus. After some silence the top of the sarcophogus splits and an 120 foot tall Anubis comprised of dead bodies rises up then disappears. Moments later a 7 foot tall Anubis shows up and everyone is in awe but Von Darwin. Von notices that there is no smell coming from Anubis and babbles on until Anubis gives him a stare and he goes quite. Anubis then walks up to the henge and takes his staff from the center priest. An older priest walks up and gets down on his knee bowing his head. A "Thank you" is heard in everyones head and then Anubis and the priest disappear.

Solen thanks everyone for keeping the attackers out and they travel back to Rougtero to get paid.

Noteworthy Postgame Events