February 02, 2013

Game Master
Dan Dubriwny
Fred (He hates everything!)
Alex (Gender bending, flying translator of Orusy goodness)
Frango Lupin (Uhhh... Undead need love too..... Oh and lookie I'm Big)


Adventurers wanted to find and retrieve information from an old associate

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers were hired by the red troll to locate a man who takes body parts from other people and attaches them to himself for power. They go to world they need to to find him. After talking to a nice green eyed lady who points them in the direction of a local PI, the adventurers meet the eccentric Mr. Holms. Holms helps the party track down the guy through bums, a local whore house, a morgue (where there is a shoot out), and finally at the demon mob's headquarters. Holms is spirit fire cometed upon arrival. He goes down and monkey grabs the body and jumps out the window. The guy the party is looking for is on a table in the room. As the party is trying to talk down/audatious the demons, Holms seems to wake outside claiming the Holms identity was just his dream. Holms goes back in the building and blows a few of the demons in to bloody pieces as the party figure out he is actually The Mad God. After a Mad God size party the adventures go back with the animated head of their target. They are paid in vials of Red's blood.

Noteworthy Postgame Events